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 REmake HD Platinum/1000G

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Leech Zombie
Leech Zombie

Playstation Network ThomVD
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PostSubject: REmake HD Platinum/1000G   Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:21 am

Has anybody obtained the 1000G or platinum yet? If so, what did you think of it? What gave you the most trouble? How long did it take you, or are you still planning to do it?

I finished the game six times in a week, and managed to get Plat. It was great fun. To me, the most tricky part was the first bit of Real Survivor. Loads of backtracking too. The most nervewrecking was the no-save run. Especially when you get to the Lisa part. All in all it was much easier than I expected, especially the 'knife only' and the 'invisible zombie' modes.
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Spec Ops
Spec Ops

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PostSubject: Re: REmake HD Platinum/1000G   Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:06 pm

I don't even have it yet.

And that makes me mad.
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Umbrella Security Service
Umbrella Security Service

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PostSubject: Re: REmake HD Platinum/1000G   Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:14 am

PWNERX wrote:
I don't even have it yet.

And that makes me mad.

The plat or the game?

Anyway, if you want to get a platinum trophy/1000gamerscore it is important to understand that you don't have to beat the game 100000 times to get it. Actually the practical minimum is  5 rounds (real minimum is 4, but that's unnecessarily difficult).

First off, beat the game in normal with Jill in under 5 hours. It is a pretty easy time, even watching all the cutscenes and backtracking to boxes to get items. If you've beat the game sometime in your life prior to this, under 5 hours in normal is a piece of cake.
IMPORTANT: SAVE THE GAME BEFORE GETTING ON THE LAST ELEVATOR IN THE LAB. the one elevator where you restore the power and you take to meet wesker in the tyrant room. You have to save everyone, that means getting the 3 MO disks to save chris and give barry his gun back before Lisa's boss fight. This will give you thr trophy for saving everyone.
IMPORTANT 2: SAVE THE COMPLETE GAME AFTER BEATING IT IN ANOTHER FILE. after this, load the save file before taking the elevator, this time go to heliport WITHOUT releasing chris from his cell, and in the final battle agaisnt Tyrant let him kill barry before finishing him. This will give you the trophy for escaping alone.

After that first run, load the complete game file, and choose the unlocked real survival mode and use Chris this time. Really the hardest part of the game and the trophy hunt is the first part of real survival, not enough ammo at first to kill more than a couple of enemies, but after the shotgun and assault rifle are obtained the game goes back to normal. Again, save the file before going in the lab elevator, so you can save everyone in one run, then load and leave jill in the prison and let tyrant kill rebecca at the heliport to save just yourself.

VERY IMPORTANT: when you beat real survival, you unlock invisible enemy mode. BUT, in both ps3 and ps4, beating real survival also unlocks Dangerous Zombie mode, and yes on both consoles real survival was my second run. In the gamecube version, Dangerous Zombie unlocks after beating the game twice with each character, so dunno the deal with this. The important part is SAVE THE COMPLETE GAME ON YET ANOTHER FILE SLOT.

Third run is the "jill speedrun frenzy", load the first complete game (the one you saved after the first run) and choose "once again" and normal. In this run, you have to beat it in under 3 hours.....and without saving. Choosing this save ables you to use the samurai edge with infinite ammo, this will save time in killing enemies and looking for ammo that take up much item space. Skipping the cutscenes and leave every teammate die is a valid choice here, also you ahve to keep barry's gun too since you need it for starsenal trophy (and it can kill the tyrant in just one shot).

VERY IMPORTANT 2: if you choose the complete game file you made after real survivor, choosing once again will give you the samurai edge you unlocked BUT the Forest Spyer zombie with explosives will be there too which will make the no save run almost impossible.

Fourth run, chris in invisible mode. you can choose very easy difficulty after choosing invisible mode.....you will need it.

Fifth and final, knife only with chris. Choose very easy (of course) and just DODGE EVERYTHING, you only need to kill 6 enemies in total: coffin henry, plant 42, yawn (2nd) and 2 zombies in the lab that you need to get out of way so you can walk while you carry the fuel; and finally the lab tyrant.

SUPER IMPORTANT: DO NOT SAVE REBECCA FROM THE HUNTER, if you save her, she will appear in the lab and will set the self destruct system, if she does that, the tyrant appears at the heliport and the only way to beat it is with the rocket launcher which means bye bye knife only trophy.

That's it, the rest of the trophies can be obtained during the different runs of the game. For the every nook and cranny trophy, i recommend making separate game file in the first run in the guardhouse and after beating the game just return there and start exploring the map and picking the items.

Trophy list and the most practical way of getting them:

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Crimson Head
Crimson Head

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PostSubject: Re: REmake HD Platinum/1000G   Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:05 pm

Holy freaking crap. That is pretty darn tedious. Maybe one day I'd use this. But I really need to buy this game. I am in the need of playing another RE game. >_<
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PostSubject: Re: REmake HD Platinum/1000G   

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REmake HD Platinum/1000G
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