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PostSubject: He's right!   Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:05 pm

This Nemesis guy is my new hero, since I spent most of yesterday watching his commentary videos. Well, I used to like the videos by "Artthegenius" as well, but he had to remove his videos. He isn't a fan any more either, but they used to be my favourites because what he said in his videos was 100% true, and maybe he'll bring his videos back someday. When they were still viewable on YouTube, I used to watch them so constantly because what he had to say, I listened to it intently. My biggest regret is that I didn't save them for offline viewing. Despite the foul language, he was spot on with his remarks.

Nemesis is my guardian angel for this franchise, at least for the time-being. He is saying what I've been thinking for long enough. That Capcom has been tarnishing this series with greed. And do you know something else? This YouTuber doesn't even have fancy graphics or an expensive camera either when it comes to recording his videos. However, everything he states in the clips is so true. Even though he repeats himself in some of his other videos, like the rant about Konami charging ten dollars to save their progress, I'm so glad to know that someone out there has the balls to finally man up and challenge what Capcom have been doing to this series since the direction they took in 2005 with 4 and what has since followed.

Who knows? Soon it might be too late for Capcom to undo the damage they have caused. I've been thinking lately, that perhaps in a few more years, maybe even several years from now, this franchise may be dead like Konami is as of right now. They are already taking a gamble with this RE 2 remake, so if they mess that up, as I'm sure they will do somehow, it will be goodbye forever, Capcom. Besides...I think in general, reaching a certain age makes games become not so much fun any longer. It's like a part of you still holds it dear to your heart though, and so deep down, you truly don't want it to totally die so that the next generation of gamers can experience what you had, but you also feel that it's going to happen no matter what you say.

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He's right!
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