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 First Three And A Half Chapters To My Story

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PostSubject: First Three And A Half Chapters To My Story   First Three And A Half Chapters To My Story EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 7:24 am

Just wanted you guys to read a story I've been kind of writing. Hope you enjoy

The man always came out at night, Amy noticed as she examined him from her bedroom window. Although she was supposed to be in bed, she always stayed up long enough to watch the man leave the mansion across the road. Many times her parents would come upstairs to find her half-asleep across the windowsill, then scold her in the morning, telling her to stop doing it. But she couldn’t, the man was just that interesting
Well, she couldn’t say he was just one man. He frequently referred to himself in the plural, never saying ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ but ‘We’ and ‘Ours’ instead. He – or They, to be more correct – even called themselves ‘The Guys’ when people asked for their name. They are peculiar people for sure, Amy thought to herself before yawning.
Tonight, the Guys were dressed in their usual nighttime attire – combat boots, with black jeans and a gray winter coat. Even from a distance, one could see the glint from their unnatural red eyes. They shook their body as if they were a dog, causing their already unruly hair to become even messier. After finally feeling content, they began to walk down the road.
And that’s when things got strange. Before the Guys made it halfway down the street, a green mist began creeping up through the cracks in the street, swirling together. Amy had to rub her eyes to make sure she wasn’t imagining things, and she wasn’t. The mist swirled faster and faster, causing the entire road to become illuminated in green light. The Guys continued walking. Maybe they didn’t notice the light, or maybe they just didn’t care.
The mist – which was swirling so fast that it looked like a green tornado – began to pulsate, as if it was trying to dispel something from it’s depths. Then there was a burst of green light, and the mist exploded, causing Amy to close her eyes. When she opened them seconds later, she wished she hadn’t.
Standing where the mist once was was a monstrous, humanoid creature. It was at least seven feet tall, hunchbacked with forest green scales covering it’s body. It’s head was elongated like a snakes, with green eyes so bright it almost hurt to look at them. It’s hands ended with razor sharp claws, and instead of feet it had talons like a bird of prey. A long forked tongue constantly flicked from it’s mouth.
Amy stared at the creature in horror, then noticed she could hear murmurings outside the window. She quietly opened the window so she wouldn’t disturb her parents, and realized that the monster was talking.
“Sons of Pyrex!” the creature hissed, it’s voice sounding like knives on a chalkboard. “I have finally found you!”
The Guys slowly turned around, and stared at the creature. For a second their eyebrows shot up in surprise, but they quickly regained their cool.
“Oh, yeah we guess you have” they said in a calm, almost bored tone. “Have we met before, or something? Do we owe you money?”
The monster snarled and green saliva dripped from it’s mouth and onto the street, melting through the pavement. “Don’t play games with me, children! You killed my brother, and now I have come to kill you!”
The Guys snapped their fingers. “We knew we recognized you from somewhere! Your brother looked just as stupid as you”
Amy watched in terror as the monster suddenly leaped into the air and brought their claws down towards the Guys. With almost superhuman speed, the Guys back flipped out of the way, and the monster’s claws sliced through the pavement where they once were.
“You filthy halfbreeds shall pay for that!” it bellowed, then rushed towards the Guys.
The Guys grinned, then took a defensive stance. “Finally, some excitement! We thought you were just going to talk all day!”
The monster swiped at the Guys with their claws, but they simply dodged the attempted attack with reflexes no human should have. Again and again the monster swiped, kicked, and thrusted with all their might, but the Guys simply evaded.
The monster attempted to kick one last time, but the Guys quickly reached out and grabbed it’s leg. The monster tried to escape their grasp, only to have the Guys tighten their grip.
“Now, our turn” they said, then released their hold on the monster while kicking it in the groin at the same time. The monster flew back and slammed onto the street, but quickly got back up and hissed. The Guys grin turned grim as they took on their defensive stance again.
“Now here’s the deal” they began. “You quietly return to the Demonic Plane, and we wont slice you into ribbons”
The monster spat onto the ground, causing a large portion of the street to disintegrate. “Surrender to you? The accursed halfbreeds yourselves? I would rather die!” They monster pounced on all fours towards the Guys.
“So we guess that’s a no, then huh?” the Guys said solemnly, then grinned as they placed their right hand behind their back.
“Die sons of Pyrex!” the monster roared, then swiped at the Guys with it’s claws.
Slice! The monster froze, and looked confused for a second before looking down to see the 6 foot long blade impaling it through the chest, dripping corrosive green blood onto the ground.
“We did warn you, didn’t we?” the Guys stated, holding onto the blade’s hilt with their right hand.
“Damn you…” the monster began, but the Guys shoved the sword deeper into it’s body, then sliced upwards, cutting the monster in half. The creature’s lifeless body fell to the ground on it’s knees, spraying blood everywhere.
Amy stared wide-eyed as the Guys calmly kicked away the body, which dissolved into green mist that was sucked into the road as they wiped their sword clean with a cloth they pulled from their pocket. Propping the blade over their shoulders, they walked back towards their mansion, and upon opening the door, stepped inside and disappeared from sight.
Amy continued to stare at the mansion, and was only awakened from her trance by the sound of her parents at her door.

Chapter One
“You foolish pricks!” Dmitri shouted across the table, spraying a mouthful of dead beetles and kibbles from it’s mouth.
The Guys however, weren’t listening, their legs propped up on the breakfast table and their head absorbed in a book. Today they were dressed in their favorite gray shirt that read “Screw Authority, Anarchy For Life”, black jeans, and combat boots. Their black hair looked like someone had taken a weedwhaker to it, and they had dark circles under their eyes.
“I’m talking to you, Guys!” yelled Dmitri, and the Guys finally looked up from their book to stare at their bizarre butler and teacher.
Dmitri was a stranded spirit, a demon that became exiled in the human world. Although his spiritual appearance was chaotic and powerful, he still needed a physical host to stay in the corporeal realm. So Dmitri decided to inhabit a dog. Although the dog agreed to the demon’s request (animals are stronger than they appear), the dog’s appearance changed due to demonic possession. It’s fur was now orange, with bright yellow eyes and ram horns growing out of it’s head. It had grown to the size of a bear cub, and it’s tail was now a serpent. Dmitri was still Dmitri, but he had taken on a lot of the dog’s traits (like enjoying kibble).
The Guys groaned. “Dmitri, we don’t want to talk about last night, okay?”
Dmitri growled. “Don’t want to talk about it? You used your powers to banish a demon in public”
“It wasn’t in public! It was nighttime, people were asleep”
“Not everyone was asleep. The little girl across the street saw the entire thing. I heard her telling her parents about it this morning”
Oh thought the Guys. That could turn into a problem. “But Amy has always been imaginative. We remember when we used to play ‘Fantasy Worlds’ with her when we babysat her when we were thirteen”
Dmitri scowled, which the Guys thought looked pretty wacky on a dog. “Err, I suppose you are right. But you must be more careful! If word got out that you were…”
“Half demon?” The Guys stated it so bluntly that Dmitri flinched. “Dmitri, you need to chill out. There are even stranger things wrong with us than that Dmitri. We are ten brothers inside one body, aren’t we?”
Dmitri grabbed his empty doggy dish in his jaws, jumped out of the chair he had been sitting at, and headed towards the kitchen.
“We guess that was a yes” the Guys murmured, apparently distraught. They hadn’t meant to be so short with Dmitri. The old pup was like a father to them. The Guys decided they would make it up to him later. Maybe buy him that chew toy he been talking about it.
Later. The Guys looked back at the book they been reading, an ancient demonic text from their library, and threw it down on the table in frustration.
That battle with the Lizardman last night had unnaturally disturbed them. The Guys had been fighting a lot of demons over the past few weeks, which was weird since they had closed all of the hellmouths in the immediate area, and those usually took months to reform. So how were the demons finding their way into the mortal plane?
The Guys got up from the table, looking back down at their half eaten bowl of Chex, before grabbing the book and heading back towards their library. Ever since the Guys had graduated from Middle School (and sometimes before they graduated from Middle School), they had been getting attacked by monsters from the Demonic Plane, or what humans refer to as Hell. Although they used to be afraid of the demons, they had recently decided to open up their own Demon Hunting Agency. The Guys hadn’t revealed this to Dmitri, however, but planed to during the mutt’s 1006th birthday party tomorrow.
The Guys entered the library, a large circular room with walls filled with books. As they walked to the center of the room, a muffled noise that sounded like swearing erupted from a bookshelf across the room, causing the Guys to grin as they ran over to the shelf, and placed their ear near a large red tome about romancing witches.
“Stuck Wilson?” the Guys casually stated, their grin spreading. “Or are you just fooling around?”
“Guys! Free me from behind this obstacle this instant!” replied a whiny, high pitched voice. It sounded like the book itself had talked.
“Your forgetting the magic words Wilson”
“I shall murder you, Guys. I swear it!” The voice stopped, waiting, but the Guys remained motionless. After a small period of time, the whiny voice said in a very small voice, “Please?”
When they heard the words, the Guys straightened back up, grabbed hold of the red book and flung it behind them while immediately stepping back.
A small, misshapen person fell from the shelf, then groaned as he picked himself up. The small creature was at least only four feet tall, and wore blue overalls it had clearly stolen from a Cabbage Patch Kid. Wilson (for it indeed was him) had muscular arms covered in soil smudges, a mane and beard of golden hair, pointed ears, and wild green eyes. He wore no shoes, which the Guys considered a good thing when he walked up to them and kicked their shin.
“Ow!” the Guys yelped, then aimed a kick of their own at Wilson, who dashed out of the way laughing gleefully. “What was that for? We freed you didn’t we?”
Wilson grinned excitedly, while folding his arms across his chest. “Yes you did, my giant tormentors! If you hadn’t walked back here, my wee little life would’ve came to an end” The small man talked with a Scottish accent as he bowed to the ground.
The Guys grabbed their head and moaned. Despite him living in the mansion since the day the Guy’s ancestors first built it (which was a long time ago), Wilson continued to think of his life as ‘little’, even though his stature certainly was.
The Guys went to pick up the red book, and returned it back it’s place on the bookshelf before returning to Wilson, who was cleaning his teeth with gardening hoe and whistling ‘Joy To The World’.
“How did you even get behind the bookshelf?” they asked him as they slumped to the floor to stare at the little man.
Wilson stopped picking his teeth, placing the hoe on the ground near his feet before answering. “I was cleaning the garden a couple days ago, I was, when a great gust of wind caused me to fall into a hole I been digging. And then while I was trying to climb out, the wind caused all of the dirt to fall on top of me. Buried me alive, it did”. Wilson grinned. “Luckily for me, I’m a Brownie. We’re trained for situations like this! So I got out my fork and spoon and…”
“Wait wait wait wait” the Guys held up their left hand to stop Wilson from talking. “Are you telling us you ate through the ground and into the library?” The half-eaten cereal in their stomach shook dangerously.
“Of course I did! Tasty dirt, if I had to say so myself. Even snagged a couple of millipedes along the way”
The Guys tried hard to not throw up. “And you somehow ate your way behind the shelf? How did you even get through the wall, that’s solid–“ The Guys saw the kitchen utensils gleaming, and decided they didn’t want to know the answer. They got up from the floor, and stared at the Brownie, who was now picking unknown insects from his dirty beard.
“Well, I guess you should get back to work” the Guys said casually, and the little man nodded his head.
“I suppose I shall. I never did get to finish the gardening,” Wilson said, and began to walk calmly towards the door.
The Guys were about to turn back around when the Brownie spoke up. “Oh, Guys? There is someone at the door”. Then with a straightening of his back, Wilson left the library.
The Guys groaned again. “Your supposed to answer the door, Wilson”. But the elf had clearly vanished. After stretching their limbs, they headed out of the library and into the entrance, where Dmitri sat by the door chewing a bloody bone.
The Guys frowned, and pointed at it. “Where you get that, Dmitri?”
The dog-demon stared at the Guys with innocent eyes. “Oh, this old thing? I’ve been chewing on it since this morning”
The Guys crouched and ruffled up the fur on Dmitri’s head, who growled. “Stop killing animals in the wild, they’re not doing anything to you” they sternly said.
“Yeah, your right sons. Their not doing anything to me but standing around looking delicious”
The Guys snorted loudly and opened the door while continuing to laugh, before stopping abruptly when they saw who it was.
Standing before them was a well tanned woman around their age, with pink long hair and wearing a bright pink bathing suit like she just walked from Biscayne Bay. She was slightly shorter than the Guys, but not by much, and they smiled at her rather revealing attire.
And then they looked up and saw her eyes. One look at them, and you could tell she wasn’t human. She had no pupils, and they glowed bright pink.
The Guys immediately reached behind their back, where their signature weapon – a stormy gray katana with a six foot long blade – materialized almost instantly, and whipped it around at the woman until the blade was merely an inch away from her throat. Dmitri growled deeply in his own throat, lowering into a pouncing position. His snake tail hissed loudly before spraying poison on the sidewalk near the lady’s bare feet.
The woman laughed, a tone that made the Guys want to reach out and grab some part of her.
“Oh please, Guys! Don’t stick that sword in me” Her voice was just as sweet as her laugh. She then reached out and grabbed the Guys hand, and smiled directly in their face. “But there is something you can stick in me though”
Upon contact with her skin, images flashed through their mind – rather explicit images of theirselves and this woman doing things in their bedroom. But they shook their head and moved their hand out of her grasp.
“Succubus!” they stated. “What do you want?”
The woman smiled as she reached into her bikini top and pulled out a sky blue business card. She handed it to the Guys, who read it out loud.
“Nikita, Succubus In Training and Courier of Erebus” The Guys looked back up at the woman.
She smiled, revealing that her front two teeth were actually fangs. “Yep, that’s me! We need to talk”

The Guys, Dmitri, Wilson, and Nikita sat around the breakfast table, the atmosphere appearing to be quite hostile. Wilson squirmed in his seat, barely able to look over the table’s edge, while the Guys sat with their chin resting on their fists, clearly thinking. Only Dmitri seemed angry.
“So,” the dog-demon began, a growl building up in his throat. “You want the Guys to do what now?”
Nikita, who was looking in a mirror while applying lip gloss, stopped and stared at Dmitri. “Not what I want them to do, what my employer wants them to do”
Dmitri snorted. “Oh, foolish old me. What in the hell does your employer want the Guys to do?” The dog’s mouth was barred in a ferocious grin, his unnaturally sharp teeth gleaming in the light, and his snake tail barring it’s fangs, dripping poison.
Nikita reached behind their back, and unhooked her bikini top, letting it fall to the table where it vanished. She grinned coquettishly when the Guys and Wilson automatically looked at her bare breasts before turning away.
“Oh Guys, don’t be shy” she whispered seductively. “I’ve heard so much about your bad boy attitudes. Let’s be bad together”
“Demon!” yelled Dmitri. “At my dining table, I prefer my…guests… to be properly clothed”
Nikita’s face took on a pouting look, then snapped her fingers, causing a white T-shirt and black jeans to appear on her person. “Well, I am a Succubus. It’s what I do, I can’t help it!” She grinned at the guys again. “Especially when a nice example of the perfect male form is sitting mere inches away”
The Guys allowed themselves a small grin, which earned them a stern look from Dmitri. They cleared their throat embarrassedly, then looked at Nikita with a stern look on their face.
“Could you answer our advisor’s questions, please courier?” they asked.
Nikita flashed another disappointment look, then turned to stare at the demon dog, signing.
“As you well know, the Bermuda Triangle is a large source of demonic power. To many lower ranking demons and most angels from the Angelic Plane, this is explained due to it once being a rather large hellmouth”
“But it was closed” the Guys interrupted, glancing over at Dmitri fleetly as he began chewing on his bloody bone again. “Angels and Demons came to an agreement, decided that it’s sheer power would cause the natural order of the universe to become unbalanced”
Nikita nodded. “Exactly what the Sacred Texts say. But the power wasn’t the triangle itself, it was something inside the triangle”
Wilson sat up, suddenly interested again, while Dmitri’s bone dropped from their mouth. The Guys raised an eyebrow. “Something inside the triangle? But that would mean…”
“That either a rather large demon is located inside the Bermuda Triangle, or an ancient Demonic artifact is located there” finished Dmitri. Wilson nodded his approval.
“In this case, it’s both” Nikita said, looking around nervously before continuing. “Have you ever heard of the Isles of Chaos?”
Wilson’s skin paled, while Dmitri’s fur stood on end and his snake tail hissed. “That place… that is just a legend, nothing more!” the dog growled.
Wilson grunted in agreement. “Only told to scare demons and spirits like thou, it was. Can’t be real”
The Guys looked at both of them, confused. “Wait, what’s the Isles of Chaos?” they asked, but the two supernatural entities refused to answer, so they looked over at Nikita.
The succubus was blowing a huge bubblegum bubble, which popped when she saw the Guys staring at her. “Eww!” she cried out, pulling bits of bubblegum from her hair face. “Don’t startle me like that!” With a snap of her fingers, the bubblegum vanished. “Now, could you repeat the question?”
The Guys repeated their question, and Nikita frowned. “The Isles of Chaos are an ancient demon folk story. It’s been said that when our lord the Dark Usurper killed his father back in the Ancient War, the place where his carcass fell transformed into a dangerous island, capable of allowing any demon to be freed from the Demonic Plane”
Nikita shivered, along with Dmitri. “The Isles are a evil place, even for most demons. Over the past few weeks, some of the cruelest demons in existence have been vanishing from our realm, and their aura trails all start in the Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda areas”
The Guys propped their feet up on the table, and whistled. “You believe they’re entering the mortal plane through the Isles of Chaos”
“Exactly” Nikita answered, running her hand through her hair and winking at the Guys.
“Then why don’t you just go to the Isles to shut it down?” the Guys wondered. Dmitri turned to stare at them.
“The dark energy emitted from the Isles is like a magnet to us demons. Unless your insanely powerful yourself, you wont be able to leave.” Dmitri responded, resulting in the Guys raising their eyebrows. “That dark energy is also the same reason why so many mortal airplanes and ships disappear inside the Bermuda Triangle. Demonic energy especially likes metallic objects. And besides, the legends say that only a mortal can activate or deactivate the Isles”
“Which is where you come in Guys” Nikita said, reaching into her shirt and pulling out a set of keys and a stick of bubblegum.
“Um, the last time we checked Nikita we weren’t mortals”
Nikita smiled. “No, your not you handsome devils. But your half demons, so that means you can still go on the island without it trapping you… I think”
“You think?!”
“Ah, c’mon Guys! I thought you would love this! It could be your first investigation for your Demon Hunting Agency”
Dmitri barked in surprise, then stared at the Guys in what passed for a shocked expression on a dog. Wilson just stared at the Guys in disbelief.
Nikita looked at the three from one to the next. “Oops, I think I said too much. But Guys, we need someone to go to that island and find out what’s going on down there for us. The Dark Usurper will even make a deal with you: He wont interfere with any of your ‘investigations’ as long as you don’t interfere with his”
The Guys turned to stare at Dmitri, who didn’t meet their gaze. Man, Dmitri. We need you right now! They turned back to Nikita, and smiled grimly. “We’ll do it”
The succubus squealed as she jumped out of her seat, causing her cleavage to bounce upwards flamboyantly. “That’s great Guys! The Dark Usurper, in case you agreed to do this, rented you a seaplane to reach the triangle” She held up the keys she had gotten out earlier. “Here you go”
The Guys reached for the keys, but Nikita pulled them back. “Nuh uh uh!” she grinned. “You see, before we can give you these, we require payment” She grinned expectedly.
The Guys frowned. “What kind of payment?”
Nikita smiled seductively as she placed her hands around the Guys face, than began to kiss them passionately, their tongues intertwining as it grew hotter and hotter. The Guys mind were overwhelmed by Nikita’s aura, but then they thought of Dmitri. Which made them think of Wilson. Which made them think of their assignment.
The Guys broke off the kiss and backed away from Nikita, who licked her lips.
“Oh my” she said whispered, slightly twirling her hair in her left hand. “That was absolutely fabulous Guys” She tossed them the keys, which they pocketed immediately.
Nikita walked up to the Guys again, who were blushing. “Not anyone can break away from the influence of a succubus. For that, you have gained my eternal admiration. If you ever need my help, or just want to ‘hang out’, if you know what I mean” She winked at the Guys, who blushed even more. “Then just call the number on the back of my card, and I’ll come if I’m not busy”
And with that, Nikita walked into the entrance hall and exited the mansion, her nude body exposed for a full five seconds as her clothes disappeared to be replaced by her pink bikini. She turned back around and smiled and waved, before transforming into pink mist and entering the road.
The Guys closed the door behind her, and smiled. “It seems I got my first case, everyone!” they proclaimed, then noticed the look on Dmitri’s face. Wilson had vanished.
“Demon Hunters, huh? That’s what you all want to be?” Dmitri grumbled at his bone.
The Guys stared at him from where they stood. “We were going to tell you tomorrow, during your birthday party–” Their eyes went wide. “Dmitri, your birthday! We totally forgot…”
The demon dog got up from the table and began to walk towards the living room. “It’s okay, boys. We just thought…you would pick something better” He turned a corner and was gone.
The Guys watched after him, then slowly sat down on the ground leaning against the wall.

Chapter Two
“Good to go?” Dmitri asked the Guys, who were leaning against the wall flipping a lighter they had just bought earlier that day.
It had been two days since Nikita had came over to the estate and offer the Guys the assignment, and now it was time for them to leave. Unusually, the half demons had dressed up for the occasion. They wore their favorite gray shirt, a leather black jacket, blue jeans, black sunglasses, combat boots, and a fang necklace hanging around their neck. A knapsack strapped to their back was filled with any necessary supplies for their journey.
The Guys clicked their lighter shut, and stuffed it in their pocket. “All set”
Wilson, who was standing besides Dmitri, sniffed and wiped his eyes. “Tall tormentors go undefended?” he asked. “Enemies everywhere”
The Guys flashed him a reassuring smile, then in an instant whipped out their katana and patted it. “As long as we have Edge, we’re never undefended”
Dmitri smiled wolfishly at the blade, then turned back to the Guys. “This will be a long perilous journey. You wont be just fighting the occasional demon like you are now, the place will be crawling with them”
The Guys returned Edge to it’s nonexistent sheath on their back, where it disappeared. “Yeah, we know” they said quietly, then walked towards the door.
Wilson ran up to them and hugged their right leg. “I keep the estate clean while you are gone, tall tormentors, like a good Brownie elf should”
The Guys laughed, then reached down and ruffled Wilson’s hair, who grunted unhappily. “Don’t get stuck in the library walls while I’m gone”
Wilson grunted again, then touched the floor, transforming into a vine that vanished into it.
The Guys walked towards the door, Dmitri quietly following behind them. When they reached it, they turned back to look at their mentor.
“Dmitri, we know you don’t approve of us being Devil Hunters. But that’s the only thing we seem to be good at. Could you imagine us as a store clerk, a manager, a CEO?”
Dmitri sat down, and cocked his head at the boys sadly. “Alas, I can not see that in you. But still, think about it. Legends say that to be half demon hunting your own is a suicidal journey”
“Legends say a lot of things. We’ll be cool, Dmitri, trust us” The Guys opened up the door, and prepared to leave when they seemed to remember something. “How you like the birthday present?”
The demon dog raised it’s head proudly, showing off his new gold and silver chain collar. “It suits me, don’t you think?” He chuckled, along with the Guys. He then walked over to them and placed his paw on their knee. “Goodbye, Guys”
The Guys scratched him behind his ears. “Goodbye, Dmitri” Then they got up and exited the door.

The seaplane was pretty easy to obtain. Sure, they had to bribe a couple of guards to let them onto the harbor with tickets to a football game (don’t ask where they got them from), but the Guys were able to successfully locate the plane Nikita had got them.
“So, where you heading, son?” one of the guards asked, holding onto his ticket just in case the windy air tried to snatch it away.
“The Bermuda Triangle” the Guys stated simply, opening the pilot door of the plane and ignoring the singular ‘son’. They made it a point to not tell regular mortals about their ancestry, even though they still referred to themselves in the plural.
Two of the guards paled, while the other laughed nervously. “The Bermuda Triangle? Boy, you trying to get lost forever?”
The Guys scuff the wooden deck with their foot, then stared at the starry night sky. “Nah, just doing research for…um, school”
“Dangerous research, I have to say” guard one commented, crunching on a Snowcone he must’ve gotten from the stand a few meters down the harbor. Maybe they’ll get one when they got back. The Guys loved snowcones.
“We like dangerous,” the Guys replied slyly, then climbed into the cockpit and closed the hatch.
“Stay safe, man. And when you return to Miami, come see me. I want to be able to say I met the guy who survived the Bermuda Triangle!” called out the second guard.
The Guys saluted through the window at him, then proceeded to perform the flight check, which they had learn from playing Flight Simulation 04 on their computer at the mansion. They finally turned on the engine, and in a matter of minutes were off into the night sky.
“Good thing we already lived in Florida” they commented to themselves, randomly whistling ‘Jingle Bell’s. “Or this adventure could take a while”
“Yes” said a familiar voice, and the Guys turned to their right to see the succubus Nikita sitting in the passenger seat, wearing her bikini, which seemed to be her favorite outfit.
“How did you–“ the Guys began, then remembered she was a demon. “Nevermind. Why are you here?”
“Because I was bored and wanted someone to talk to, so why not talk to you boys?” she said matter-of-factly. “Is it okay if I stay?”
“Go right ahead. As long as you don’t pull any of your mojo on us” the Guys said sternly, then turned back around at the screen.
“Not even if I, well, play with myself for a bit” The Guys turned back around to see her tugging the edge of her bikini bottoms and stared wide-eyed for a second, before noticing she was trying hard not to laugh.
“You like to tell jokes, don’t you” the Guys said, blushing and laughing a bit themselves.
“I’m a sex demon. We aim to please, so I guess jokes are included in that category” Nikita smiled, then stretched her feet onto the Guys lap, despite their protest. “So, now you know something about me. What about you? What’s your story?”
The Guys frowned at the question as they stared at the beautiful night sky, feeling Nikita move her feet around.
“Nothing much to know. Our father was a demon named Pyrex”
Nikita’s eyes went wide. “The General of The Dark Usurper’s army, that Pyrex?”
The Guys nodded. “The very same. Or at least, that is what Dmitri tells us. He supposedly was one of the best demon warriors the Demonic Realm ever had, until he was killed by his biggest rival, a demon named–”
“Rivus” Nikita said. The Guys nodded, but also noted the troubled look on her face.
“Yeah, Rivus. By that time, I had already been born to my mother, but we needed a teacher. Half demons need supervision by another demon to live in the mortal world. So Dmitri, the most loyal soldier under our father’s command, volunteered for the task” The Guys smiled. “We have faint memories of dad, but we will always view Dmitri as a father figure”
Nikita smiled, not out of lust but out of kindness. “That’s heartwarming Guys, it really is” She sat up in her seat, then moved onto the Guys lap and maneuvered into a position so that the Guys could still fly.
“I’m not trying anything!” she said when she noticed the Guys expression. “Just thought…you would like some company. And it’s pretty cold”
The Guys laughed. “Then change to something warmer”
“I shouldn’t” Nikita responded. “You see, unlike other demons who have to possess host bodies to exist in this realm, succubus and are male counterparts incubus can exist here naturally due to are job. This is my default form. If I keep changing it, I can get pulled back into the Demonic Plane”
The Guys nodded thoughtfully. “Seems legit” they joked, and Nikita laughed. “So, on your card it says you are a succubus in training. What’s that about?”
“I am a succubus in training. For a job where you just sleep around, you would think it was easy. But there are rules, codes of conduct,” Nikita said somewhat bitterly. “Technically, you are my first client”
“Oh” the Guys thought about this. “So–”
Nikita suddenly got up and leaned to look out the window, accidently pushing her butt up into the Guys face.
“Sorry! Really, honest!” she apologized, but pointed down towards the water. “But your almost there”
She sat back down in the passenger seat, allowing the Guys to look out their own window at a bizarre sight.
Down in the ocean, there seemed to be a personal storm. Lightning streaked through the sky, and thunder crackled. Rain fell, and the sky was filled with dark clouds. But the storm itself seemed to be concentrated in one spot, and there were even small sailing boats floating in it.
“The Bermuda Triangle” Nikita commented. “The way us immortal beings see it”
“How can we?” the Guys wondered. “We’re not completely mortal, but we’re not immortal either”
“Because I told you about the Bermuda Triangle earlier, so your mind was able to sense it properly” Nikita responded. “But still, even if I hadn’t told you, your demon blood would’ve revealed it too you anyway after a couple of minutes”
The Guys reveled at the intensity of the storm. “Is that what demonic energy looks like in it’s purest form?”
“Not quite” the Guys looked up at Nikita, because her voice had cracked. Her eyes seemed glassy, like she wasn’t all the way there. “That’s just what it looks like when there’s a lot of it in one place”
Nikita began to sit up, her pink eyes growing duller and duller as she opened up the passenger door…
“Nikita!” the Guys yelled, and grabbed her before the winds could rip her out the plane. They hurried up to slam the door, then quickly grabbed the plane’s controls before it stalled.
Nikita’s eyelids fluttered, then her eyes returned to it’s usual bright color. “The Isles…it’s calling me…”
“Go” the Guys said sternly, and Nikita turned to look at them. “We’re letting you get trapped”
Nikita nodded, before grinning. “Aren’t we the gallants?” she said, then kissed the Guys lightly on the lips. “Don’t die, okay. Because that would be a shame”
The Guys patted the demon on the shoulder. “Be safe, okay?”
“Likewise” And with that, she transformed into pink mist and disappeared.
The Guys grinned, then their face turned stern again as they tilted the plane downwards towards the Triangle. “This looks like it might get bumpy” they commented, then pushed the seaplane to full throttle.
The wind went from peaceful to chaotic as the Guys drew closer to the Isles, and the seaplane began to shake uncontrollably. “Ah, dammit!” the Guys yelled in frustration as the controls suddenly shifted in their hands. They tried to turn the wheel back, but it refused to budge. “That stupid energy is forcing control of the plane!”
The plane suddenly sped up, causing the Guys to slam into the window. They held their throbbing head, then looked down to see blood on their fingers. “Ah, great. Death by autopilot. How humiliating”
The plane fell faster and faster with the Guys trying to stable it, but to no success. “Man, we didn’t want to do this” they said, then closed their eyes. When they opened them back up, they were pitch black, with blackish veins stemming out from them. With a fierce tug the Guys jolted the joystick with all their might, and it moved the leftside. The plane slowly followed suit.
“Now we’re talking!” they grinned, then jolted the joystick to the right. Although the plane’s hardware was still under the influence of the Isles, at least the Guys could steer now.
“Great! Now all we got to do is land this thing” the Guys mumbled to theirselves, when the brightest burst of light they ever seen flashed before their eyes, blinding them, and the entire plane shook violently as a rather large kaboom radiated around them.
In a instant the Guys were sucked out of the seaplane, realizing in a nanosecond that a streak of lightning had struck the plane and blew half of the right-side away. The only reason they weren’t completely sucked into the storm was due to their left arm being entangled in the plane’s wires.
“Oh crap!” the Guys yelled, the wind whipping their necklace around like a twig. They tried to climb back into the cockpit, but the wind was too strong and they were pulled back out again.
“Talk about an adventure!” the Guys hollered, when another piece of lightning struck the plane. Electricity flooded down the wires and into their body, making them scream in pain. Their demon blood absorbed much of the damage, but the power surge caused the straps of their knapsack to burst, causing the bag to fall downwards towards the island.
“No!” the Guys yelled as they try to grab it, but they failed to reach it in time and watched it fall deeper into the storm.
We need that pack, the Guys thought. With their face grimly set, they reached behind them where Edge materialized, and grabbed it in their free hand.
“This is going to suck” they commented dryly, then with one swing the Guys sliced the wires keeping them joined to the plane, and free fell into the storm.

Chapter 3
Out of all the things the Guys never dreamt of doing, skydiving without a parachute into a supernatural storm wasn’t one of them.
Oh man. We hope we can heal from this, they thought as they fell like a rock. They turned around in midair to see the seaplane falling a couple yards away from them, the cockpit on fire.
“Well, that was our only ticket off this island when we landed” the Guys said to themselves. “Wait, we didn’t technically even land”
The Guys turned back around so that they were facing the ocean. The water inside the Triangle’s storm was an unusual purplish-blue, and they could see large serpentine-like shapes swimming underneath it.
“It’s settled. Not falling into the ocean” The Guys angled their arms backwards to let their bodies fall faster, which was helped by the heavy rain fall, then tried to veer right against the hard winds.
The last time they had saw their knapsack, the wind had blew it to the right, so they were trying to use directional spotting to locate it. Hopefully, the Isles were located on the right as well.
The Guys suddenly realized they were still holding Edge, and turned around as they sheathed it when they noticed something.
The seaplane was still in the air, which should’ve been impossible, since it should had fallen already. The Guys frowned, then turned back around and scanned the storm, searching for something to help confirm their suspicions. And sure enough, about four yards below them, spinning in the grayness, was their knapsack. The Guys began to turn themselves around all over, and began to make out more shapes in the darkness and rain, old biplanes and steamboats, and even skeletons.
“The storm is fake” they realized. “The wind pulls demonic and angelic energy towards it, along with any demons and angels in the vicinity. The lightning renders objects useless and helps pull them in. The rain makes the objects fall, but not as fast they should. No wonder why Dmitri described the Isles of Chaos as a magnet. The storm is a magnet”
The Guys, now aware that they were effectively stuck inside the storm, ‘sat’ and began to think. How the hell are we supposed to get out of the middle of a storm?
Then something Dmitri told them long ago came back to them. Guys, your father wasn’t just a powerful warrior, he was a good conduit due to his copper like skin. Earned himself the nickname ‘The Lightning Knight’, when he used.
The Guys scratched their chin. “We always knew we could control electricity to an extent due to our father” They grinned. “Maybe we can take advantage of that”
The Guys unsheathed Edge, holding the katana upwards towards the sky, and called on the demon blood within their veins. Their muscles clenched as their eyes turned black and black veins began to creep up their arms and neck.
“Okay,” the Guys groaned. Calling on their demon form was painful, but it granted them powerful abilities they inherited from their father. One such ability, was the ability to discharge small bursts of lightning from their body. “Here goes nothing”
The Guys stared up at the sky, and with a grunt discharged a burst of electricity upwards through their body and into their sword, turning it into a makeshift lightning rod as two bolts of real lightning struck it, sending electricity coursing through their body.
“Argh!” The blood of their father may allow them to hold onto all of that power, but if they didn’t discharge soon it could begin cooking them from the inside out.
The Guys groaned in pain as they turned themselves around so that they were head first towards their knapsack, then channeled the lightning out of his legs with an explosive burst, causing him to zoom downward due to the energy displacement.
One yard. Two yards. Soon passed three yards when they saw their knapsack in arm-reaching distance. However, the energy displacement had been so powerful the Guys were falling way to fast, and were about to overshoot the pack. Still in their demon form, the Guys reached out their hand blindly and felt their fingertips brush the bag, with their index finger hooking on to it. They instinctually whipped it around and held it to their chest.
They fell two more yards before the power of the storm stilled them again, the left over lightning causing them to spin around before finally stopping, the knapsack still secure in their arms. Lightning crackled around them as the Guys eyes returned back to normal and the veins retreated back into their body.
“One last time,” they panted, spent from using their demon form and the lightning. “We should be able to disperse a small portion of the storm if we utilize more lightning” The Guys grimaced, considering the bad possibilities if they accomplished the feat.
“Ah screw it, nothing else can go wrong with this day” The Guys raised Edge again, pointing at a part of the storm where lightning bolts appeared frequent. They couldn’t send out bursts of lightning (which was better) in regular form, but they could call out to the lightning and bring it to them.
Come forth lightning, serve the sons of Pyrex! they commanded in their mind, and three bolts of lightning streaked out of the storm towards them, connecting to their sword and radiating inside their body.
“Argh!” The Guys tried to say perfectly still, but the electricity inside their body made them shake and twist involuntary. Lightning surged into their head, crackling into their nose, their eyes.
“Got…to…focus!” they gasped, small bits of lightning pinging off their teeth. They closed their eyes; this time when they opened them, they were pure white from electricity.
“Here…we…go!” and with that the Guys unleashed all of the lightning stored within their body, it spreading outwards in a spherical pattern that absorbed and destroyed every part of the storm it touched, successfully creating a rift in it that the Guys fell through as the last traces of the electricity left their body.
Outside the storm, the sky was surprisingly beautiful. It was daytime, the sun shinning brighter than it should’ve been. Is it morning? the Guys thought as the fell. Or does time around the Isles differ from the rest of world? Now with no supernatural means to halt their descent, the Guys fell naturally downwards towards a sparkling blue sea. Out of the corner of their left eye they could see a large island that vaguely resembled an open palm.
Aren’t we off target? The Guys spread their arms (their backpack clenched in their right fist) and angled their body to the left, utilizing the blowing wind to help them reach the Isles. As the island drew nearer and nearer, the Guys could see that the island was in the shape of a hand reaching out of the water. The ‘palm’ was covered in lush greenery, while the four fingers and thumb hung over it, also covered in vegetation.
Whoa, so The Dark Usurper’s father literally became the Isle of Chaos.
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Post this in fan fiction bro. You'll get more reads there. It's in the RE related thread.
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The story really isn't RE related but then again, it's one more thread for the Fan Fiction section so that shouldn't be too bad.

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