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Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_lcapStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Voting_barStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_rcap 
Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_lcapStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Voting_barStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_rcap 
Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_lcapStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Voting_barStory I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Vote_rcap 


 Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead

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Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead Empty
PostSubject: Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead   Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 12:03 am

Easy on the reviews, its only loosely based on RE. In this story Kevin Ryman left raccoon before september of '98 so he doesnt know whats going on..

Resident Evil: Urban Dead

Officer Kevin Ryman stepped out side of the Billinghurst Police Department to take a break from filling out the felony reports he was working on. It was a beautiful, sunny day. In the street in front of the station was a bus unloading a group of people. He could clearly see all the skyscrapers windows had just been washed and shined. The sidewalks were buzzing with citizens and even a few tourist. Kevin smiled at such a pleasant sight and looked at the electronic sign in front of the station which read, “Billinghurst Police Station”. The message then scrolled away and, “June 3rd, 2005" scrolled onto the screen. He was happy the Department got the sign as it reminded him that the MPD’s bi-yearly barbecue was exactly one month away. They had just bought the sign a few weeks earlier due to an increase in profit.

He was happy to work as an Officer in the Malton Police Department. He had transferred to Malton from Raccoon City PD in August 1998, a few months before the nuclear plant blew up destroying the whole city. Or at least that’s what the rest of the country was told. The Station was located in a very wealthy suburb of Malton called Rhodenbank. With flourishing businesses and tall buildings, how could he not be thankful for working such a pleasant beat? He turned around and saw the new transfer. Leon S. Kennedy had also transferred from R.P.D. after the incident had occurred. He was a very dark person who when rarely asked how he got out of Raccoon or if the plant was really what caused the tragedy, would just angrily smirk and walk away. There were always a lot of Officers around the Station wether it was Dillon, the new Officer JUST out of the Academy, or the numerous Sergeants working the desk and walking in and out between their beats. Kevin hadn’t started his beat today as he still had a number of felony reports to work on. He drove a brand new ‘05 Chevy Impala, the new designated Patrol Vehicle starting to replace the usual Ford Crown Victoria’s. To the west of the building was a junkyard. On the East side was St. Matheo’s Church, a heavily graffiti’d building. Kevin was grateful to have a Church right next to the station. It was a nice looking building despite the illegal artwork on the walls.

It was getting close to lunch time. Kevin finished filling out a felony report. It was a very suspicious one. In the Officers memo, it was stated that the victim was bitten and rushed to the hospital. He didn’t think twice about it and decided to drive to subway to get lunch and start his beat. He got out his keys and drove off. The car was running VERY smoothly. It only had about 12k miles on it. In the center was a Police Computer which could look up any person with a Social Security Number, any license in the country, dispatch the Officers to a location and even display a city map. To Kevin, the Vehicle and it’s technology was cutting edge for Law Enforcement. Finally, he was at subway, his FAVORITE restaurant of all time due to the delicious sub’s they sold there. He got out of the car and stepped inside the building. After eating he got in the car and headed back to the shop. On the way there he turned on the car radio and switched it to AM. After scrolling through the stations he found one that interested him. Two people were discussing NecroTech, a branch of the then bankrupt and no longer existing Umbrella Corporation. The representative for the company was talking about Staphylococcus aureus, a gram-positive cocci bacteria. Kevin had no clue what it was but he kept listening. “This bacteria commonly lives on the skin of humans and has had increasing antibiotic resistance since the discovery of penicillin. NecroTech has been experimenting with weaponized Staphylococcus derived from MRSA for 2 years now and is deciding weather or not it could be used as a weapon of war or possibly even a cure for common diseases.” Kevin didn’t have a good idea about what any of the terms the man was using meant, but they sounded dangerous. He wondered why NecroTech insisted on being based in Malton. Why couldn’t they conduct these ‘experiments’ somewhere else? No worries, NecroTech was NEVER known to conduct unsafe practices and he knew he, as well as all of Malton could trust them. After all, how could he be worried on such a nice day?

All of a sudden the Radio called out his call sign. “David 225" the Radio Chimed. “David 225", Kevin acknowledged. “D225 we’ve got reports of a domestic dispute in front of Salter Grove Railway Station. “10-4", Kevin responded. Kevin flicked on the overhead LED light bar and arrived at the call he was dispatched to about 5 minutes later. He got out of the car to find two obviously drunk men fighting. “Woulda been nice if dispatch told me they were 10-18", he thought. He rushed over to the two to break them up. The one on the right turned around and through a punch at him. Kevin easily grabbed his arm and kneed him in the stomach bringing him down faster than a shot deer. While handcuffing the man he got on his radio. “David 225", he said. “Go ahead D225", replied dispatch. “I’m 10-82", he said. “10-4", the radio replied. After about 4 minutes another squad pulled up and took the second man aside. After a few hours both men were in custody and reports taken. By now, Kevin had arrived at the station and the sign said, “5:35 PM”. The message skimmed away. It was even nicer than before as a warm breeze was whisking through the town. A nice addition to the nice evening. Kevin headed home in his squad as his shift was over. He went into his room located inside Thorp Towers where his apartment was located. He had a feeling it was gonna be a good evening. He was going to play some GTA when he got up followed by a nice dinner from subway again. It was Friday, end of the work week and Officer Ryman was as relaxed as he could be. He fell asleep. A dream-like flashback soon occurred:

Kevin: What’s the date?
Leon: Sunday the 3rd....look out the window..
Kevin:..wha...whats wrong with these guys!? They’re eating people! What’s happened to the city? Its in chaos!
Leon:..remember how everyone wanted to know if it was actually the reactors that destroyed Raccoon?
Kevin: Yeah?
Leon: The reactor didn’t do it.....these.......THINGS did it....go back to sleep for a while.....

After a few hours a hand was felt nudging his side followed by, “Kevin....KEVIN! Wake up!”. He opened his eyes drearily. It was Dillon, the new Rookie. Kevin was in real life again. It was all just a dream. The pleasant sites that had filled his dreams with happiness were now gone. The dreary Officer sat up. The room was, dark, cold, and musky, not to mention the single light bar in the room was flickering and an eery dripping of water could be heard. “Well? You woke my ass up? What do you want?”. The young Officer nervously replied, “Well. Officer Kennedy told me to get you.” Kevin walked over to Leon. “listen to the Transmitter” he said. Kevin looked over at the Transmitter/Receiver Radio. “Ssssssssss..help...need...church...ssssssssssssss.” A minute of static followed. “It’s St. Matheo’s”, replied Leon. “One of....them got in and bit 3 of them.” he continued. Kevin frowned and nodded. “That’s not all. One of them fired a flare revealing the station in the light.” He finished. Kevin looked up. “WHAT!?” he screamed. “SSSHHHHH!!”, Dillon quickly instructed. “You’d better check this out”.

The 3 of them walked to the 2nd floor window where Sgt. Redfield and Lt. Valentine were crouching. “What’s going on guys?”, he said. “Just look”, replied Sgt. Redfield. What Kevin saw next made him more pissed of at the neighboring survivors than he’d ever been before. “Uuuuggghhhhh!!”, “graaaaaaahhh!”. Around 27 necrossified, bloody, crumbling corpses were outside the barbwired steel gate outside the Station, all hungry and WELL aware of the presence of the more than 12 Police Officers and survivors. Kevin buried his head into his hands and sighed, “We’re gonna need to light these zeds up and repair the gate, it’s losing barbwire”. Dillon replied, “Yeah...I’ll go get us a pair of Shotguns”. The 5 Officers withdrew their weapons- Department issued Beretta 92f’s. The sign said, “Monday, April 13th, 2009”. Kevin didn’t know why, it certainly wasn’t a hard task to light 2 dozen slow shambling dead people on fire and repair the gate, it had been a regular occurrence for 4 years now, and although a veteran of survival, he had the peculiar feeling it was going be a somewhat LONG night for the 5 of them.

Dillon M. Correa
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Story I wrote based on RE and Urban Dead
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